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As you already know, the KRAKEN website offers everyone who wants to open a store on its platform where you can publish and sell goods, services and, in general, do business that is not taxed, which means extremely profitable. But not everyone knows exactly how the process of opening your own shop takes place and what you need to have for this.

Do I need to register with the tax office to open a store on vk8.at?

Kraken never asks for personal data from users, neither phones, nor passport data, or any other personal information. This also applies to opening a store. You do not need to register with the tax office, since no one will ask you for a certificate of registration. In fact, the administration of KRAKEN does not know who exactly is hiding behind this or that store, who exactly sells banned items, anonymity is the main principle of KRAKEN. To open your store you need register on the site, and then submit an application. The application is made in the personal account section, by sending a message through a ticket. Just indicate the name of the store, description and that's it. It remains only to wait whether your application is approved or not. If approved, you will have access to new additional functionality that only the personal account of the shop has